Asphalt Xtreme Tips and Tricks For Tokens

A mega spectacular hack Asphalt extreme is according to many one of the best mobile racing titles along with an excellent real racing 3 (and thus also on Android ), the title as the previous ones in the series is the game gameloft for excellence. The series that has always had a very arcade look in this its eighth incarnation has got an even more incredible look, ramps and spectacular jumpsadrenal the game is beautiful, and fun, the title   is now free  on play store here and has the usual in-app purchases. the title has two currencies classic money and stars(which are the premium).

2zqgf48.png  asphalt xtreme cheats

This has led to several interesting tricks, the better the mega mod mod version we deal with today. A coder unknown work, perhaps Judge BC has created a version that is anti ban (if played on single). also works offline, gives maximum stars, infinite credits, infinite tokens, and much more. The trick is simple and does not need the root (no problems with the guarantee). . 0- Install the version of the play store here and testatene compatibility (if not the next steps are unnecessary) is a very heavy game for high end devices. 1- Uninstall any other version of the game (selected settings-applications  asphalt 8  and uninstall it). 2- download this mod apk , mirror .Install the ‘ mod apk  downloaded ( 2.6.0m version, latest version on the play store installation guide apk file  asphalt xtreme hack ). 3- You have to put the data downloaded from here  or here , in the Android / OBB folder otherwise the title will crash all ‘boot 4- start the game, enjoy the infinite money and have fun with purchases Update 8/08 Asphalt 8 Airborne has been updated to version 2.6.0m  which is a major update brings new Rio slopes, and new cars such as the Mercedes Benz GLC Coupe, and Fenyr Supersport. the mod has been updated version found on instructions and data. If you have problems with  look at  this post  with the guide. If you liked the trick just let us know with a +1.

Fifa 17 Best gameplay this Year

If you want to strut your colleagues when ye remain to take a few games to‘FIFA 17’ and erigirte in the absolute king of the game’s most popular football of the moment , this is your article. And it is that a British youtuber called Kosh has found the way or almost always beat the goalkeepers the game . Neither the average 92 Neuer may prevent you write it down again and again and let your opponents with a span of noses.

fifa 17 cover

The ‘bug’ is very easy to run. It is simply to as much as possible cercarte to the bottom line with the player you control, focus by pressing the L2 (or LT on Xbox One) and finish . Et voila. Neither the defense nor the goalkeeper can get to stop the rally, which will end in goal in 99% of cases.


The trick can be used at the exit of a corner , pulling the ball short to a teammate and making this as close as possible to the bottom line, or move, galloping from the side and draining the middle. Here, the youtuber Kosh explains with great detail that by using fifa 17 coin generator will help you add free coins in fifa 17 to get the best players to play with

You see, until I considered best football game of all time hidden tricks .Now you can use it to anybody you cough into the ‘FIFA 17’. You just have to enjoy the glory.

The ‘ FIFA 17 ‘ is probably the game that devote more hours professional footballers during their free time. For this reason they give much importance to the ratings that EA Sports awarded them year after year, inaddition to the physical aspect they have in the game. Many s and have complained of their peers in the video game . However, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang seems to have been satisfied with his character.

The sweet moment in the Gabonese striker for Borussia Dortmund has had its icing after the launch of ‘FIFA 17’. Aubameyang has been recognized as the footballer ‘s fastest game . “In the previous game was the third, but now I’m the first. It was time for the ‘FIFA’ respect me .Anyway, I’m faster in the ‘PES’ “joked the striker Onze.

The Borussia Dortmund striker is a fixed covers as futurible Real Madrid.
The Borussia Dortmund striker is a fixed covers as futurible Real Madrid.


In addition to his murderer instinct in front of goal, the virtue most striking of Aubameyang is its speed . Gabon striker has come to run 30 meters in 3.7 seconds , a mark that improves on Usain Bolt after beating the r world ECORD of 100 meters in 2009. and Free fifa 17 coins are available in the link attached use but dont abuse the nice tool.



10 useful tips to becoming a pro in FIFA 17

You want to get started as soon as FIFA 17 released? Let your friends and online opponents have looked completely out? It was exactly what you need! With the FIFA pro Mirza Jahic , many times Austrian national champion and winner of the Bundesliga Virtual in 2014, we took stock of the essential techniques for the new EA Sports soccer simulation. With these tips, you will enjoy the new features of FIFA 17 and improve your game – promise!

1. The compact defense

In recent years, FIFA has changed. But one thing has always remained the same: the key is a good defense! Never forget the three rules if you want to be very solid at the back in FIFA 17:

  • Do not take out the central defenders of the defense line . Once a defender comes off the line, this creates among other large holes that the players of the opposing team will ruthlessly use to make dangerous deep passes.
  • Withdrawal of midfield.  To be quite compact, it is important that midfielder folds to create the numerical superiority. It becomes much more difficult for the opponents to find holes in your defense.
  • The good pressing.  To force the opponent to lose the ball, you have to a targeted pressing. For that, use the R1 or RB button to bring up a constant pressure on the player with the ball. More aggressively you go, the more you sow disorder in the striker, but at the same time you open your defensive line to other wingers. FIFA 17 Hack

2. Build a targeted attack

Two important things to consider when building his game: make the passes and make targeted attacks to exploit the strengths of the team.

Although use protection balloon

In FIFA 17, there is a new feature that will prevent you from losing the ball unnecessarily. This is called the shielding, the active protection of the ball. You can insert your body as a shield between the opponent and the ball well to take the hit. For that, just prior to contact with the opposing player, press L2 or LT button and turn yourself away from your opponent with the left stick. If you master the timing, you can take long action with that.

3. Start cons and raise the pace of the game

Goalkeepers have been reworked to give new possibilities of cons . With the right goal (eg Manuel Neuer.) Executing powerful shots and close to the ground, you can now launch quick counterattacks. How to shooter has not changed. What matters is to aim the player and to the power need by pressing X or A to the ball happens to the crew quickly and accurately. The one to two passes and height are also a good way to earn a lot of ground and threaten the opposing goal before arriving.
For dangerous against well organized, the radar also occupies an important role.Indeed, the radar allows you to recognize in time where there is room for a dangerous shot or targeted and quick passes.

4. The individual tactics

The tactical settings are still a good way to adapt the game to his designs. Among the predefined settings, we recommend “Big pressure” when you want to score a goal, or “against” when you want to manage the result.
For the individual tactics, it is important to know your own game. If you play in preference to forward, a greater value in passes is recommended. If you are more of the type to keep the ball , while a lower value . The same applies to the centers and shots in goal . The more the value is high, most players often run in position to the centers or seek openings for long shots. If you want your players to move variably and even change sometimes position, we recommend . the “free choice”
that might look like an effective technique for players who prefer a generous building and like to get the wings:


  • Speed: 60
  • Assists: 45


  • Assists: 65
  • Centres: 45
  • Shots: 40


  • Pressure: 55
  • Aggressiveness: 60
  • Defensive line: 45

5. New feature to shoot in goal

A new feature is the firing at ground level. For this quickly double-tap on the fire button and the ball will move along the ground and powerfully towards goal.
For example, near the penalty area, shot flush targeted earth can score a goal .But opportunities for this shooting are presented in the box too. This is particularly appropriate and effective when you are in bad shape and that you havenot enough time for a shot.

6. Passing with Purpose

The powerful passes are also a great way to cover the distance and to put in threatening position . Powerful passes are all set when you want the fullback passes the ball to winger or involve your attacker with a targeted passes. To perform a “passing with purpose,” you must press R1 or RB by making the pass with the X or A button

7. skill moves to improve your game

To be variable attack and therefore unpredictable for the opponent, you should try to incorporate some skill moves in your game. The following maneuvers are well suited because most are not too complicated and all are incredibly effective.

Feint hit

This is one of the easiest exercises while being very useful in many situations. In the box above and generally when you do not have much space, you can do with the strike and feigned surprise the opponent. Procedure: press the firing button and the password just after to interrupt the shooting and therefore make the kick feint. . With the left stick, aim the direction you want to move the ball roll the ball roll is as easy as it is effective – especially if you want your opponent finds himself tumbling run in a vacuum. The ball roll is formidable in the penalty area as to make room for targeted passes. Procedure: move the right stick in the direction that the player must take. For example, if you run to the right, hold the left stick to the right and move the right stick up or down to make the ball roll in either direction. Astuce FIFA 17

No Touch Dribbling
in FIFA 17 too, the No Touch Dribbling gives very good results. You can change direction like an arrow and boost the pace a bit to pass an opponent. This maneuver is particularly dangerous in midfield, but also on the wings, for example if you want to put yourself in position at the right time to make a long shot.Procedure: press and hold the sprint button and then type quickly the key L1 or LB.Move along the left stick in the direction you want to run. Dribble L2R2 The L2R2 dribble is especially good when you do not have much space and you keep the ball glued to foot with small step aside while trying to feint the opponent. Procedure:let the L2 and R2 buttons or LT and RT pressed and move the left stick in the desired direction. This maneuver is not easy and requires a lot of practice. Use regularly so it’s making you learn!

8. New techniques shooting on goal – how to optimize my shot on goal?

The penalties have been completely revised and now there is more variety, but they are also more difficult to perform. For a good shot on goal, follow these steps:

1. By moving the left stick to the left or right , you can decide yourself which approach running the player must take. For example you can go straight on or from the side.

2. If you press to finish the left stick forward , the player gaining momentum. 3.Now you must shoot. Decide whether it will be a hard shot or rather low and aim in a corner as you feel. The gauge dedicated to penalty kicks where you need to be in the green zone no longer exists!

4. Be careful not to aim too much to the left or right and release the stick at the right time. Otherwise, the shot will miss for sure.

The penalties are only a matter of practice. Good advice: have you been to skill games to put a shot on goal after the other just below the bar during important matches.

9. Corners, free kicks and throw-ins – the most effective variants!

It’s not just for the kicks that FIFA 17 offers more possibilities than the previous version. For corners, free kicks and throw-in too. We show you the most effective variants and how they work.

Now you can influence the course angle of approach during free kicks by moving the left stick. The hit variant most effective Franc is the race of the players and the password that follows. Procedure: bring in two players with L2 (LT) or R1 (RB). You now have three players available for the free kick. Now press L2 or LT and tap the combination of kick feint keys (shooting button, and then quickly pass key), the player continues his run. You now have two options: either you decide to shoot still or you make a pass to the player who is past. It is also possible to let both players and then make the pass. It’ll confuse the opponent. The pass targeted after the race, especially free kicks up a 25 meters from goal, the kick is the most dangerous variant franc FIFA 17.

In FIFA 17, there is a new feature that makes them even more dangerous corners: aim. Now you can decide more precisely where the ball is coming. Then you manually put in the danger zone that your players are in the zone of six meters and those without. Procedure: before the corner, you can actively select a player with L1 or LB. Then you’re aiming for example on the first post and determine together the strength of the strike. Now you put the player in the desired position. By pressing the button on the square or X, the ball is hit. You can then voluntarily move the player whose specialty is to make heads and throw it in a head duel.

Feints during game discounts are another new feature. You can deliberately confuse the opponent into believing for example that you will throw the ball to the right and then actually throw left. Steps: press X or A at the time of launch . And immediately after press the circle or B to stop the launch.

10. The return of powerful centers

Yes, you read correctly. The centers have again become more powerful! It brings even more variability in the game. In fact, if you have strikers who can do the heads and quick wingers, centers are an effective way to spread panic in the opposing defense.

Our tips for successful centers in FIFA 17:

  • Send lots of centers on poles . These passes are particularly difficult to defend.
  • If you have the space and time , the centers perform better in difficult situation. In situations 1 against 1, use the skill moves you make room .
  • Far from the centers of goals can also be very dangerous. To get such a power center, we must take the L1 or LB key and put plenty of power there to the center parte well.

Dawn of Titans Guide For Resources

dawn of titans hack


FarmVille 2 is a well-known Facebook game. Many people are playing, but to do well in Farmville must establish maximum strategies to evolve as quickly as your farm. This guide will propose different strategies to win ever and exceed your neighbors.

Farmville is the image Criminal Case , a very popular game on Facebook. It offers you to play the role of a farmer and manage your own farm. The game features several activities: harvesting, cultivating and planting virtual crops and raising livestock. It obviously includes a social dimension to own Facebook stake.

6 strategies for success in FarmVille 2 and Dawn of titans

dawn of titans cheats

1) The water strategy

Try visiting your farm every hour and set the following strategy:

Time 1: Use all your water for new planting, with the rest, water the trees. Use water as a bonus in your message box.

Hour 2: Use your water on trees within 5 squares. Consider visiting your plants that take more hours to grow. Do not touch your main courses even if your neighbors have visited them. Use water as a bonus in your message box.

Hour 3: Repeat the same operation for the time No. 2.

Time No. 4: Do not use water bonus you earn in the message box and keep it for the next time next planting cycle.

Hour 5: You start a new planting cycle, repeat the operation from the time No. 1, this time using water bonus that your neighbors have given you.

2) The resource strategy

Do not sell your resources (egg, cheese, milk, etc.), unless you really need the money and try to keep a stock of 500 units of each resource.

Use your crops (24) to feed your animals, and avoid using other resources unless you are forced to. You can sell the resources of over 500 units, as you will new.For more resources in dawn of titans have a visit at dawn of titans hack.

3) The strategy crafts

Try to have lemon, plum, nutmeg and apricot trees as soon as possible.

In general, potato salad, muffins and pies plum or apricot, are the recipes that give the most experience and money without having to step on too long creation.

Remember to keep your potatoes to salads. Convert your wheat into flour to make pasta (that will serve you later to make pies).

4) The expansion strategy

Expand your land as soon as you can. If you use your tickets Farm intelligently, it does take you very little time.

Only the craft field is specific to your level. If you use your Farm tickets on this extension, you will manage to finish even the expansion of the field before the required level.

If you want to use the micro transaction system, it is advisable to use your money only for Farm tickets.

5) The levels of mounted Strategy

When you get close to the next level, plant your crops longer (24) and fill your farm this crop in each cycle. also try to spray all your crops, and your trees before level up. Then finally, level up and collect all that you have planted to gain as much experience and resources. This will allow you a bonus to have enough to feed your animals for a while.

6) The strategy of the message box

Use your water and your bottles before using it in your message box. Also, try not to let too many unread messages in your mailbox.


CSR Racing 2 The Drag Racing Champion

csr racing 2 hack

  CSR Racing 2 Car racing game for Android

CSR Racing is one of the few free games ranging from racing cars that deserve to play it really that will captivate you if you’re an addict “dashes”.A race along deserted city streets, CSR Racing combines high-fidelity graphics with addictive gameplay to create a new type of racing experience.Curse de CSR - screenshot

Audi R8, BMW M3 or Chevy Corvette with Turbo, nitrogen injection and aerodynamic tweaks to beat your opponents, it ‘s when you’re ready, it’s time to challenge the teams that lead the city.

The game features stunning graphics, CSR Racing 2 breaking the barriers between consoles and Android devices or tablets or phones. Details stunning graphics and special effects combine to beat any   game racing 1080p console market.

Masini licentiate oficial, de la  Audi sau Bentley la  BMW, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, GM, Mini, McLaren, Pagani, și Nissan, inclusive. Audi R8, Ford GT, Chevrolet Camaro, McLaren MP4-12C, Nissan GT-R, BMW M3 și câteva surprize!In CSR Racing 2 we need more resources which is impossible to achieve to gain that much resources in no time we need to use the csr racing 2 android hack and gain as many resources of our wants and play the game with out most graphics with your favourite cars

Curse de CSR - screenshot

You can upgrade your car and you can choose from a variety of engines, turbines, tires or a lot of other auxiliary components customization such as license plates, custom paint and decal sites.

The game needs at least Android 2.3 Gingerbread is free but if you like you can do some upgrades surcharge.


A m back with another top game, a top that you said 5 best type games Racing , I think more and more computers Android games find HERE.
Not a longer and start:

1. Real Racing 3 – is a game that prevails in this ranking because it has very good graphics, with about 100 cars worked well and the opportunity to compete 12 real circuits, recreated in the game. You feel like you’re on a racing circuit, because the reality of the game.

2. Asphalt 8 Airborne – is a game with very good graphics, great cars, 95 in number, well detailed and with a feeling that makes you really feel the speed in racing, because good physical system implemented in the game.

3. CSR Racing – is not a conventional type of racing, this is about Drag Racing, that just compete on straight with someone, you do not need to turn. Of course, we will not meet a steering wheel in Game Controllers or any direction, but two levers that will help us to change gear at exactly the right time for us to compete opponent in the race.This is really awesome.

4. GT Racing 2 – very good graphics, cars worked well and a good feeling at the end of the race. We have single player mode as well as multi player, in which we compete to win prizes and new cars, obviously the fastest and best looking.

5. Beach Buggy Blitz – not exactly the game with the best graphics and incredible machines, but is highly appreciated way to be led cards of various superpowers and weapons to overcome your opponent. It is a good game, even if you are not a fan of but the fun is provided by Beach Buggy Blitz .

That was the top category with Racing , if you have suggestions, do share them with us.

Great post with this :


Hidden Messages Inside Anime

There are a lot of cartoons variations out there, and one of the biggest is Japanese cartoons, also called anime. Martial Arts Games aren’t just for fun, they’re an crucial evolution within the approach we take to coach and are a wonderful improvement on just making use of stale Martial Arts drills for kids. The awakened R characters you get in the tournament give decent amounts of XP when fed to a character. It’s because Super Saiyan 2 Kid Goku alone is already stronger than the same Super Vegito from DBZ. Xbox Kinect is a cutting edge new technology video game from the house of Microsoft.

Wednesday will feature the first games of the conference postseason as lower seeds will compete for a trip to the second round. Around when American comic book heroes were really strong on the airwaves came Dragon Ball Z. It quickly gained a loyal following as it was different and also had story line that did not end at each episode. However it should be understood that the fighting games are not meant for kids and they are made only for people above certain age group. The Android version of Dead Space ratchets up the fear level by introducing grotesque necromorphs to your mobile screen. There’s also a downloadable client, which can be installed on your PC. The game requires Unity 3D player to run.

There are games to help you improve reasoning and problem solving skills, as well as action, racing, card games and so on. Game features include extensive play modes and improvements, as well as multiplayer options including 4-player local multiplayer, coop gameplay both online and offline and 2-20 player support online. The websites offering free online games recover their cost and derive profitability from the revenue they generate from on-site advertising for their sponsors. Despite the fact that individuals of all ages play Xbox 360 games, the majority of players are teenagers.head soccer hack

Family games can rejuvenate relationships and can help people let go of past misunderstandings and re-start relationships in a new way. The artwork, while not the best in the market, delivers eye pleasing character designs and enough action sequences to satisfy both fans of shonen manga and super hero comics. So, the subsequent time, you feel bored but loathe going outdoors, simply settle down and indulge in 1 of these brilliant games. The Sly Collection features the three Sly games from the PS2 remastered in 720p HD and four mini games which are Move compatible.

Unlike action and adventure games that usually require fast reflexes and a quick trigger finger, strategy games call for a cool hand and good analytical or decision-making skills The best strategy game players know how to maximize their time and manage their resources as well as how to apply these resources and when to attack. It’s rare that we get a proper naval action game, but somewhat less rare that a Games Workshop title looms on the horizon. One of the major complains I have of this manga is that the main character is super good, and super awensome.Head Soccer Hack

If you’re lucky enough to be able to stay home all day and play games – then an LCD / LED will work much better than Plasma in a brightly lit room. We have taken an extra step in helping to get these games to you painlessly, so we’ve linked each game to their respective pages in the iTunes store. Menu navigation is cosher simple, thoughit’s profuse to get lost when you’re sorting items between your individual characters and the party’s swag (the latter has no space limitation). In fact, some manga and anime were made with the purpose of informing the audience while providing entertainment.

Clash Royale | TIPS to Build an Awesome deck

clash royale hack

Clash Royale an Awesome game  | A Supercell’s Super Game

Hello world! Welcome to this page devoted to the new creation of the SuperCell edit box: Clash Royale.

Today is a great day because I have a big cheat tip to offer: the generator of gems on Clash Royale!

And Yes, even if the game is not yet available on all platforms (only iOS) or even in all countries (Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and obviously the United States).

For the moment, no specific date has been communicated, but in the light of the flamboyant impatient lot of Internet gamers, it is possible that Clash Royale is available by March 2016!

In the panel of tricks cheats that can be found on the Internet, the best undoubtedlyremains the generator of gems and gold coins. With gems, you can buy bags, barrels see even wheelbarrows of gold coins.

Get Unlimited Gems On Clash Royale (iOs, Android, Smartphone & Tablet)

By extension, gold coins you can buy characters which will compose your troops as well as chests filled with treasures.
As you have already understand, Clash Royal is a type of Free-To-Play or Freemiumgame as it is more common to distinguish them. This is to offer you the contents of a game with ease. Since your iOS, WindowsPhone platforms, etc.
in fact, you can access a panel of games like the Sims for example and play with ease. Really? Well, as you progress in the game, more your buildings or the improvement of your characters is going to be long.
All tell you that the real players here are more us but rather Clash Royale publisherswho play with our impatience!
You get can be experienced but it is very annoying to wait a headquarters passes acertain level to a higher level. To do this, you can totally swap your precious gems or gold coins to reduce your waiting time and this is where the topic ‘Boutique’ of the game makes perfect sense because at some point in your evolution you end upblocked because your food were quickly used.
By visiting the Clash Royale hacken boutique will help you buy your gems and your gold coins at a price very affordable in appearance. Finally, this is what you might tell you whenever you‘re tempted to buy! As a result, squander you not badly of EUR in the game. What solutions for not going broke? The cheat!
Difficult to move forward without cheating?
The Clash Royal generator can be considered a technique of cheating but in view ofthe poor margin of evolution that we leave the game publishers. You must choose: the portfolio or the easy cheat!
If you are rather the honest kind player, the advantage of our generator is that youcan moderate the amount of your gems and your gold coins and quickly consider this cheat as a simple trick.
Finally there is no doubt that without cheating, Clash Royale is very complicated!
Cheat as you want: moderately or unlimited!
If you don’t experience however no remorse to use this little inch coup to become aplayer feared community, be aware that you can use the generator as many times as you want.
The advantages of this tool is that it is 100% effective and above all highly reliable insofar as it is available online and you don’t need to download it. Furthermore it isprotected by a security system that prevents the system from the game to recognize the cheat.
Cheat Clash Royale
Know finally that in the case of Clash Royale hack, it is especially the more playful and more strategic of us coming in the top of the rankings. Even if you consider the generator as the cheat in the negative sense of the term, be aware that it will only “booster”your resources and your gameplay to be affected only in its fluidity.
The use of the generator is rather to be regarded as a crack that gives you access toa game as if you had no financial restrictions. Cheat freely and peacefully!

In Clash of Clans IS geduld zeker een deugd

Geduld is een belangrijk aspect in dit spel als het kan lang duren voor bepaalde upgrades (sommige kan meer dan 10 dagen duren!). Ik zou adviseren dit in combinatiemet een aantal andere spellen te spelen zodat troepen en upgrades te wachten is minder pijnlijk.

Concentreren op het verkrijgen van meer bouwers. Deze kosten een heleboel edelstenen, zodat u te concentreren op het verkrijgen van alle vijf meteen, maar dit tijd kost. Meer bouwers betekent u zal zitten kundig voor bijwerken uw gebouwen snelleren, dus, groeien uw clan en vooruitgang sneller.

Opzetten van een solide basis

Er zijn verschillende basis setups, maar de beste manier die ik is gevonden heb hetnemen van een blik bij enkele geprobeerd en beproefde methoden, die u gemakkelijk op Clash of Clans Hack-dedicated YouTubekanalen vindt. Hier krijgt u advies over debeste indeling voor wat je probeert te bereiken en op deze manier kunt u testen welke voor u geschikt.


Krijg meer goud en Elixir
De enige manier om vooruitgang in het spel is door steeds meer en meer middelenen upgraden. Kunt u resources (goud en elixer) in een paar manieren –-u krijgen zevan verzamelaar gebouwen; u kunt een andere speler kamp raid met je troepen enkrijgen hun trofeeën en middelen. Naast dit, kan je ook goud en elixer van de singleplayer goblin kaart.


Overvallen In Clash of Clans: DOs en
Het kan een tijdje duren om wenselijk honken RAID vinden. Als dit het geval is, zijn de lagere u trofeeën en league zodat u een betere keuze krijgen en als u zeer lage al zul je gewoon aanhouden en de juiste base van komt! Altijd kunt u deelnemen aaneen actieve oorlog clan voor het genereren van wat meer middelen (deelnemende kan wel vrij duur, vooral als je verliest). Wanneer de oorlog voorbij is zowel de winnaars en verliezers krijgen een bonus van de resource oorlog, maar natuurlijk het winnende team huis neemt het grootste deel van de rijkdom.


Lopen voordat u uitvoert
Naarmate het spel vordert wordt het steeds meer verleidelijk om het niveau van uwgemeentehuis hoger en hoger om de gewilde na troepen meer snel. Dit is een vergissing en kost je duur op de lange termijn, als de meer u niveau omhoog het gemeentehuis de minder loot krijg je van de lagere bases. Als dingen meer en meer duur krijgen, wordt het zeer moeilijk te krijgen genoeg elixer en goud van overvallen. Beste werkwijze is om max alles waarover u beschikt voor uw niveau van het stadhuis envervolgens een upgrade uitvoeren.
Wanneer je begint, kies een strategie van overtreding of defensie. Zijn u gaan ons concentreren op ballaststoffen verdedigingsmiddelen dan troepen of vice versa? Beide hebben hun verdiensten, maar als je wil houden van de middelen die u zorgvuldig verzamelen, zorgen dat uw basis wordt goed beschermd is een must. Maar op hetzelfde moment het grootste deel van de buit die afkomstig is van het overvallen vanandere spelers (dit is leuker ook!), en om dit te doen goed u moet fatsoenlijk niveautroepen dus het is een moeilijke beslissing. Persoonlijk vond ik dat best duwen troepen upgrades en het upgraden van gebouwen en middelen later werkte.
Er zijn veel verschillende klein stijlen voor verschillende doeleinden. Zoals met de indeling van uw base is de beste manier om te leren hoe om te vallen op YouTubekanalen en het kijken naar hoe anderen aanvallen in het spel. Je moet experimenterenmet troepen typen en aantallen. Bijvoorbeeld, wanneer de landbouw middelen (botsing spreken voor gewoon overvallen voor goud, D.E & elixer en geen zorgen te maken over trofeeën en competities) zullen de beste aanpak met uw goedkoopste en snelste te bouwen eenheden zoals barbaren en boogschutters (dit heet “Barching”).
Dat is de basis. Nu krijg je een Clan en laat de plundertochten beginnen!

My Student’s Life with Music


Hey friends thanks for coming and reading my blog today i want to share my secret of love i mean to say my love for music. well it all begins when i was 3 years old actually i don’t remember these things my mom said me that she will tell me at sunday about my passion about music and i am too much excited and will let you guys know about that too till then keep visiting my blog Your’s Beauty Queen Amy